Virtual Serial Port Driver

Virtual Serial Port Driver 9.0

Makes virtual COM ports for testing applications that rely on data transmission
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Emulate an unlimited number of COM ports on your PC to trick applications into "believing" they can communicate with other machines. Mostly useful for testing and debugging software.

The purpose of Virtual Serial Port Driver is suggested by its name: creating virtual serial ports that can be connected in pairs. Any software and hardware that you install will recognize the created virtual ports, since the virtual serial ports will flawlessly emulate real ones, behaving exactly like them, and this is a thing that I appreciate a lot about this application. Another one is the fact that it allows you to generate and deploy huge numbers of virtual ports and connected pairs, which will basically solve, for good, any potential problem caused by serial ports shortages.

Virtual Serial Port Driver doesn't shine only because it allows creating any number of virtual COM ports that perfectly emulate real ones. It also shines thanks to its neat and intuitive interface that makes the creating and the management of the virtual ports a really simple and easy job. Furthermore, this self-explanatory interface also allows you to choose which applications have access to specific virtual ports.

Additional features like the strict baud-rate emulation, the possibility of customizing the loop-back pin-out, the support for controlling the HandFlow or the support for emulating all the standard hardware signal lines (such as DTR/DSR, RTS/CTS, RING, ERROR, or DCD) are also provided.

In my opinion, Virtual Serial Port Driver is a great tool that deserves all the appreciation despite its rather high, yet completely justified price.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Allows creating large numbers of virtual serial ports and pairs
  • The created virtual COM ports perfectly emulate real ones
  • Neat and intuitive interface


  • Pricey
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